Facility Insurance Services

RADAR is a pioneer in insuring facilities of all types, offering integrated security solutions that ensure the safety of employees and property. We customize insurance plans to meet the needs of industrial and commercial companies, providing comprehensive coverage that includes accident and natural disaster insurance, business continuity and asset protection for commercial facilities.

Methods used for insurance

Parking lot management systems
Modern communication devices
Personal security and defense
Metal and Explosives Detectors

We give you the flexibility you need to insure all types of facilities

Securing Industrial Facilities

Securing buildings and properties is one of the most important administrative security services provided by Radar. A trained and well-equipped team is provided to ensure the safety of buildings and protect property from any potential threats or hazards. Security measures such as verifying the identity of visitors, monitoring entry and exit, and securing sensitive areas are strictly implemented. Advanced security systems such as surveillance cameras and alarms are also installed to ensure full protection of the property

Securing conferences and events

Radar offers event and conference security services to ensure the safety and success of these events. A specialized security team is provided to secure the site, monitor attendance and departure, and deal with any emergencies. Tight security plans are implemented to ensure that there are no safety and security breaches. With our team’s expertise and advanced equipment, we can ensure effective protection and safety of attendees, speakers, and property on site.

Security investigations

RADAR provides security investigation services to companies and organizations that need to investigate cases of hacking, theft, assault, or any other illegal activities. A professional and trained team is assigned to investigate the incident, collect evidence and analyze it thoroughly. Confidential and professional handling of each case is ensured, providing detailed and reliable reports that help the company take the necessary measures to protect itself in the future.

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