Money Transfer Services

Radar provides integrated money transfer services to its clients throughout Egypt and is licensed by the Ministry of Interior. We understand the importance of securing and transporting money safely and quickly, which is why we provide innovative and reliable solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Radar’s money transportation service is distinctive and unique, as we offer many advantages that make us the perfect choice for our customers


Steps in the money transfer process

: The money transfer process is tightly controlled and organized to ensure its safety and proper arrival at its destination. We offer a safe and reliable transportation service that includes the following steps


Preparation of funds

Funds are prepared in accordance with set security standards, being checked and packaged appropriately before transportation begins


Planning and organization

The transfer of funds is carefully planned, including identifying optimal routes and determining the right time for the transfer


Insurance and protection

We ensure that the funds are insured during the transportation process, as well as taking extra security measures to protect them from any risk


Delivery and delivery

Funds are securely and quickly transferred to their designated destination, where they are delivered to the relevant person according to the specified procedures

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